The ninth edition of ONE DANCE WEEK will soon come to its end with UP (CH), of choreographers József Trefeli and Mike Winter, will be performed on October 30 at 6:00 PM at Boris Hristov House of Culture. UP will uplift us into the enigmatic state which will inspire immediate enthusiasm, representing the theme of elevating the spirit.

Tickets via the Eventim network at the price of 10 BGN.

In UP, a piece by József Trefeli and Mike Winter, six amazing men dance a dynamic lifting vocabulary with raw energy to exhilarating result. Using influences of male action and reaction, rhythm and risk and emphasising virtuosity and originality, UP promises a purely uplifting experience. The aesthetic challenge is designing lifts with an emphasis on evident male strength, effortlessness and grace, entrancing the audience with the power and skill required to achieve these feats.

UP is based on the man – his strength and reactions implemented in the risks, which he takes in an original and virtuosic manner, so that he can deliver an uplifting experience. The choreography is beautiful and the whole performance challenges the physical and energises the audience and infuses them with positiveness.

© Marica Kolcheva

A choreographically well built, physically challenging and demanding contemporary dance performance that awakens the audience to the theme of elevating the spirit. Using influences of male action and reaction, rhythm and risk and emphasising virtuosity and originality, UP promises a purely uplifting experience.

© Marica Kolcheva

Mike Winter has graduated from Laban Trinity London with a BA and MA in Dance Theatre and since then continues to work and travel extensively as an independent performer, choreographer and teacher in the domains of dance, theatre, opera and circus both for companies and his own solo work. He has collaborated in over 50 new works with artists including Wendy Houstoun, Omar Porras, etc. Under the pseudonym of Mister Winter, he has been notably associated with Lloyd Newson, the late Pina Bausch, Marina Abramovic and Sean Kelly Gallery, New York.

József Trefeli is Australian of Hungarian origins, graduate of the VCA Melbourne University, József dances 3 years in Australia before beginning his travels to discover the world. Geneva, Switzerland has been József’s home since 1996. On 6 continents, more than 40 countries, József has achieved critical acclaim for his many and varied dance performances and numerous choreographic works. The diverse range of styles in which József choreographs include contemporary dance, cabaret, theatre, musical comedy, and opera. József has proven his ability to create solo work as easily as directing and choreographing casts of up to 50. József Trefeli has also danced for the companies Skree Wolf, Greffe, Drift, Utilité Publique, Philippe Saire, and Da Motus, and has acted in two plays with the Company Korpüs Animüs.

© Marica Kolcheva

The performance of UP is part of “Dance connected – establishing capacity for strengthening and diversifying the Bulgarian contemporary dance scene” is а project by One Foundation for Culture and Art that was approved for funding by the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme, under the Block Grant Scheme of the Partnership Fund – “Partnership and Expert Fund” (TF PF).