Technology and contemporary dance

This Saturday, October 22, at 4:00 PM and at 8:30 PM at Boris Hristov House of Culture ONE DANCE WEEK invites you to an unique journey through the digital world of SECOND BODY. Prepare to cross over the borders between reality and virtual space and to explore new definitions of the human body.

Tickets via the Eventim network at the price of 10 BGN. The guests with festivals passes can attend only at 4:00 PM

The Taiwanese Anarchy Dance Theatre will perform for the first time in Bulgaria. The company was founded in 2010 by architect and choreographer Jeff  Chieh-hua  Hsieh who has a focus on contemporary dance theatre style and researches the undeniable connection between space and human body.

Four sensors, produced especially for the performance are placed in the corners of the stage and create a real-time 360º full body-length  projection on the body of the dancer. A non-natural second body emerges on the stage and creates an experience of movement distinct from the movements of the first  body

The performance is a very special experience. The audience will see a full transformation of the human body. SECOND BODY starts and ends with the idea of the body – the primal, natural and material, on the one side, and the secondary, illusional and digital, on the second. The two bodies never seize to move and interact with each other.

© Marica Kolcheva

The beautiful soundscapes of Yannick Dauby, who composes electroacoustic music (aka “musique concrète”) and performs improvised music with found objects, analogue devices and digital processing, are also important for the holistic effect of the performance. The name “Anarchy” derives from series of dance pieces Hsieh created in discussion of authority structure in human society. Since motion-sensitive dance work, Seventh Sense, was created in 2011, the company has been toured in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, UAE, China and New York and attracted local and international acclaims from performing arts, digital arts and visual arts communities.

© Marica Kolcheva

Seventh Sense II premiered in November 2012 as a significant work for the Digital Art Festival in Taipei. Following the second dance-digital-art work collaboration with Ultra Combos, Second Body received much praise and drew extraordinary reviews. In August 2015, it had its world-premiere in Taiwan and its european premiere at Ars Electronica Linz in September 2015.

The performance of Anarchy Dance Theatre is happening with the support of Ministry of Culture Taiwan.