DOT504 impress with dance moves

On October 17 at 7:30 PM at Plovdiv Drama Theatre ONE DANCE WEEK and the Czech dance company DOT504 invite you to their show COLLECTIVE LOSS OF MEMORY which will be in English without Bulgarian translation. The piece, which has an award from Czech Dance Platform 2015 for Dance Performance of the Year, is created by choreographers Lenka OttovaJozef Fruček, and Linda Kapetanea.

Together with five exceptional performers, we will dive into the powerful social phenomenon of the great pleasure human beings take in killing and participating in violence. We will examine this ‘run-of-the-mill’ topic through the history of art practices and especially its criticism appearing within the fine arts and cultural sector. It will be a study of provocation that does not touch the obvious, but rather examines subtle aspects of the human behavioral evolution. As such, we will ask ourselves what kind of evolutionary pressures we have passed and continue to pass through in today’s unprecedented lifestyle, which is oriented only towards selfish momentary pleasures.

© Marica Kolcheva

In COLLECTIVE LOSS OF MEMORY, which is impressive with its aesthetic qualities, as well as the high level of technical realization, is coming back to the archetypal themes such as forms and parables of the good and the evil. The original music of Vassilis Mantzoukis and the amazing light design of David Prokopič create fascinating and impressive images on the stage, and regarding the selection of the dancers – they come from Israel, Belgium, France, Sweden and Slovakia, and were chosen after a big audition among 500 other elite candidates.

Tickets via the Eventim network at the price of 10 BGN.