Street Dancers

Today at 7:00 PM at Instituto Cervantes Sofia our team will present STREET DANCERS – a documentary shot in Plovdiv. The movie is part of Europa Transit, one of the travelling embassies of San Sebastian – European Capital of Culture 2016. The movie is produced with the help of ONE DANCE WEEK and Plovdiv 2019.

Artistic duo Sra Polaroiska travel to Plovdiv to run a dance workshop with members of the city’s Roma community, one of the largest in Europe. The main goal of the collaboration is to create a dance choreography which will be presented in the center of the city. 

Through the relationship between participants and the artists we see the prejudice against Roma and the marginalization in which they live. STREET DANCERS is a documentary about how dance, arts and culture, are an antidote to prejudice, social exclusion or fear of difference.